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Highlands are opening up slowly + some secret spots to visit close by.

We decided to go and check on the conditions on the way to Landmannalaugar but the road there usually doesn't open up untill late June.

To our surprise the road was snow free and we made it all the way to the road closure just after Sigöldufoss waterfall. Unfortunately we won't be able to drive all the way to Landmannalaugar until the authority has allowed travel. The road can get damaged if it's driven on when it's thawing out.

But even if we can't go to Landmannalaugar there are many beautiful spots to visit including this waterfall known as Sigöldufoss.

I would recommend driving up there and making a few stops along the way if you really want to see something off the beaten track.

Recommended stops (in no certain order) are:

Sigöldufoss and Sigöldugljúfur.




Stöng, Viking era house dug out of volcanic material after an eruption in Hekla.

Þjóðveldisbærinn - víking era torf houses.

Fossabrekkur - a small waterfall.

Gaukshöfði - a cool hill you can hike up and see the beautiful sights.

I hope you find this useful dear reader and enjoy your trip to Iceland.

Kolbeinn Helgi


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Ásta Oddsdóttir
Ásta Oddsdóttir
May 22, 2022

Thanks For the Update!

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