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Northern Lights Hunt with photography and Icelandic treats

Go out and see the stars and (hopefully) the Northern Lights. We offer a off-road vehicle to get to the places we need to in order to hunt down the Northern Lights effectively.  We only employ guides with many years of experience in both hunting the lights and capturing pictures. 
The guide will capture your picture with the Northern Lights and they will be emailed to you the day after. 
We offer hot chocolate and treats to keep you warm during the winter nights which can often involve waiting around for the magic to happen. 
We can not guarantee that you will see the Aurora because of the unpredictable nature of the phenomenon.
The tour is operated out of Reykjavík and we will go up to 2 hours away from the capital depending on where the lights are expected to show themselves. 


 Cooking eggs in a hot spring on the Golden Circle tour.

On this tour from Reykjavik we will drive along the same path as most of our guests have through the millennia.

This milennia old tour consists of Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss.

We will make some extra stops along the way to experience eggs being cooked in a hot spring, home made ice cream from a farm where we can see the cows, pet horses and eat tomato soup in a tomato greenhouse if the tour is booked with 2 weeks or more advance, tables usually sell out after that.

The last but not least stop is at the beautiful Kerið, a 6500 year old volcanic Crater with a pond that by some miracle supports wild trout.

All in all an informative and fun day full of different experiences.


Valley of Tears

One of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Sigöldugljúfur, where you can see uncountable waterfalls falling in to a canyon of the bluest water you have ever seen. Some comments from the travellers include: "The most beautiful place I have seen in my life", "this looks like its not real",

"It´s like an Instagram filter but it´s real life" 

The Valley of tears and Landmannalaugar are visited in the same tour. 



The Rainbow mountains

Take a little break from the paved roads and tour busses, in this tour we travel off the beaten and paved path to take a look at the alien landscape of the highlands.

The Landmannalaugar tour comes with an option of a 2 hour hike through a steaming lava field if you like a little hiking, it's moderate difficulty but definitely worth it. The colors of the mountains come in all shapes of the rainbow due to the minerals and geothermal activity.


After the hike you can take a dip in a completely natural, not one touch by man, hot spring that roams between 36-40 degrees Celsius, like a good hot tub should.


Then once we have relaxed in the hot spring we drive to Hnausapollur, a volcanic Crater formed 1200 years ago in a massive eruption. The landscape surrounding the crater often brings the words "it's like Mars" or "Otherworldly" to the mouths of my travellers.

This is the one you should definetly not miss if you want to take a step off the beaten path. 

The Valley of tears and Landmannalaugar are visited in the same tour. 


Private South Coast

Immerse yourself in alien but enthralling black sands, looming mountains filled with glaciers and endless unnamed waterfalls in a field of purple flowers in the summertime.

In the winter its no less surreal, with the black sand melting in to the white snow and blue of frosen rivers, glaciers and waterfalls. The quiet yet humble majesty of black and white combining in to a picture of elegance and purity.

As we drive East to the town of Vík, we get to see quite a few glacier volcanos and witness how their terrifying power has sculpted the landscape to otherworldly effects.

We also see the evidence of how life has been altered by the power of the volcanos to meet the hard demands of surviving. The local founa is truly one of a kind.

If you join this tour in the summer we might get lucky and spot some puffins as a bonus.


We are very happy to provide a custom experience or service 

We have years of experience in organizing custom tours, we operate the tours in minibuses and comfortable off-road modified 4x4 Land Cruisers

For inquiries please fill out contact information and requests in the box at the bottom of the webpage 


About us

We are a small business of professional drivers. guides and Icelandic locals. We only operate private tours. We love meeting new people and showing off the hidden treasures of Iceland. 

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